Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CL Jr is a HUGE Devils fan

So big that he has gone underground since they went down 0-3.  If you have seen him, please report any leads to www.originalsportsmusings.blogspot.com.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Smusings New England

ready to serve the new office...Atlanta was wonderful

Goodbye Bruce

I will miss you Gabby. Welcome Dale Hunter franchise legend...on to Lord Stanley

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Magical Day for a Fellow Smuser.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Olympics Medal Count

Here is your Winter Olympics medal count. As you can see, Albania, Algeria and Andorra are the power houses, while the United States is struggling to stay out of the basement.

Overall Medal Count

Flag ofAlbania0000
Flag ofAlgeria0000
Flag ofAndorra0000
Flag ofArgentina0000
Flag ofArmenia0000
Flag ofAustralia0000
Flag ofAustria0000
Flag ofAzerbaijan0000
Flag ofBahamas0000
Flag ofBelarus0000
Flag ofBelgium0000
Flag ofBermuda0000
Flag ofBolivia0000
Flag ofBosnia & Herzegovina0000
Flag ofBrazil0000
Flag ofBulgaria0000
Flag ofCanada0000
Flag ofCayman Islands0000
Flag ofChile0000
Flag ofChina0000
Flag ofChinese Taipei0000
Flag ofColombia0000
Flag ofCosta Rica0000
Flag ofCroatia0000
Flag ofCyprus0000
Flag ofCzech Republic0000
Flag ofDenmark0000
Flag ofNorth Korea0000
Flag ofEl Salvador0000
Flag ofEstonia0000
Flag ofEthiopia0000
Flag ofFinland0000
Flag ofFrance0000
Flag ofMacedonia0000
Flag ofGeorgia0000
Flag ofGermany0000
Flag ofGhana0000
Flag ofGreat Britain0000
Flag ofGreece0000
Flag ofHong Kong0000
Flag ofHungary0000
Flag ofIceland0000
Flag ofIndia0000
Flag ofIran0000
Flag ofIreland0000
Flag ofIsrael0000
Flag ofItaly0000
Flag ofJamaica0000
Flag ofJapan0000
Flag ofKazakhstan0000
Flag ofKenya0000
Flag ofSouth Korea0000
Flag ofKuwait0000
Flag ofKyrgyzstan0000
Flag ofLatvia0000
Flag ofLebanon0000
Flag ofLiechtenstein0000
Flag ofLithuania0000
Flag ofLuxembourg0000
Flag ofMalta0000
Flag ofMexico0000
Flag ofMonaco0000
Flag ofMongolia0000
Flag ofMontenegro0000
Flag ofMorocco0000
Flag ofNepal0000
Flag ofNetherlands0000
Flag ofNew Zealand0000
Flag ofNorway0000
Flag ofPakistan0000
Flag ofPeru0000
Flag ofPhilippines0000
Flag ofPoland0000
Flag ofPortugal0000
Flag ofMoldova0000
Flag ofSerbia0000
Flag ofRomania0000
Flag ofRussia0000
Flag ofSan Marino0000
Flag ofSenegal0000
Flag ofSlovakia0000
Flag ofSlovenia0000
Flag ofSouth Africa0000
Flag ofSpain0000
Flag ofSweden0000
Flag ofSwitzerland0000
Flag ofTajikistan0000
Flag ofTrinidad and Tobago0000
Flag ofTurkey0000
Flag ofUkraine0000
Flag ofUnited Arab Emirates0000
Flag ofUnited States0000
Flag ofUzbekistan0000
Flag ofVenezuela0000
Flag ofU.S. Virgin Islands0000